Pop-ups & Activations


With the rise in availability of unique retail spaces, brands can now utilise prime locations for tactical pieces of marketing. OrbVM create pop-ups for our clients in various environments from under-utlised retail space to shopping centres, to bars and clubs accross the UK

With our in-house resources, OrbVM are able to create your pop-up shop or pop-up bar from concept inception through to production, and activation.

Pop-up bars and shops are a great way to bring your brand to life without the tie of a long and costly lease. Short bursts of activity mean that you can engage with your consumers in almost any location at any time.

Pop-ups can be used to:

Test a new product or concept & explain complex messaging
Bring brands to a new audience through location
Place brands in a new context
Generate content for other channels
Sell a product or service
Reposition or evolve a brand


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